Beyond Here Is Nothing is a photographic meditation on the notion of home. To be home is to feel a strong connection to a land and a grounding to its roots. For much of my life home has been an abstract place far away from my reach. This body of work navigates the boundaries of being - exploring the unsettling feeling of rootlessness, the mental burden of loneliness and the constant search for belonging in unfamiliar places. 

Laura El-Tantawy is a British photographer born in Worcestershire, England. She studied in the US and UK. With her characteristically painterly and impressionistic eye on reality, Laura explores social and environmental issues with an artistic point of view. Her work has received awards and been exhibited internationally and published with the likes of National Georgraphic Magazine, Time, The New Yorker, International New York Times, Le Monde, The Financial Times, Vice and Internazionale - to name a few.